Monday, October 31, 2005

Another Quiz

1. Nervous habits – picking my lip
2. Are you double jointed - nope.
3. Can you roll your tongue - no
4. Can you raise one eyebrow at a time – sorta of
5. Can you blow spit bubbles - no
6. Can you cross your eyes - Yes.
7. Tattoos - no
8. Piercing - just my ears
9. Do you make your bed daily – no…waste of time.


10. Which shoe goes on first – Right…most of the time
11. Speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at anyone? - Um, I think I've thrown a flip flop at someone on the float trip
12. On the average, how much money do you carry - 40 bucks.
13. What jewelry do you wear – wedding ring, earrings, bracelets, sometimes a necklace
14. Favorite piece of clothing – something comfy..


15. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it – both, depends on where we are.
16. Have you ever eaten Spam – yes, I used to love that stuff as a kid…yup.
17. Do you use extra salt on your food – no
18. How many cereals in your cabinet - probably a dozen or so. My husband is obsessed with cereal
19. What's your favorite beverage – Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper but I drink lots of water too.
Sn...where the hell did 20 go?
21. Do you cook – yes I love to cook. Right now I'm on a diet so I'm not cooking much

GROOMING (I thought this was gonna ask if I'm shaved)

22. How often do you brush your teeth – at least twice a day…sometimes more.
23. Hair drying method – Hairdryer
24. Have you ever colored/highlighted your hair – Yes, every 3 months


25. Do you swear – Yes, not as much as I used to. I try to watch it
26. Do you ever spit – no, that is so gross


27. Animal – cats and dogs…I love my 2, want a dog
28. Food – anything Italian or Mexican
29. Month – Oct or Nov...I like the chilly fall days
30. Day – Saturday
31. Cartoon – I don't know....Used to love Bugs Bunny and Friends. Now they have all these weird ones.
32. Shoe brand – I like nike for running shoes…whatever is on sale at Kohls
33. Subject in school – Science
34. Color - Black, Pink
35. Sport – to play...I'd rather watch…football and baseball.
36. TV shows – I watch a lot of tv in the fall but almost none in the summer…Discovery Channel,ER, House, Survivor…those are probably my top four.
37. Thing to do in the spring – Clean my house,
38. Thing to do in the summer – FLoat trip, slip n slide, find reasons to get together with our friends.
39. Thing to do in the autumn – Halloween Party, chili parties, football parties, fry turkeys
40. Thing to do in the winter – New Years Eve, hang out in the garage, watch more football


41. In the CD player – Halloween CDs, the big party was last night
42. Person you talk most on the phone with – my brother
43. Reading – In Style Magazine
44. Do you regularly check yourself out in store windows/mirrors – doesn’t everyone?
45. What color is your bedroom – Yellow Walls…
46. Do you use an alarm clock – If not I could sleep all day…thank God for snooze..
47. Window seat or aisle – aisle…


48. What's your sleeping position – I’m all over the place…I use 3 pillows…1. for my head 2. for between the knees 3. and one to hug…and I flip and flop between both sides and my stomach.
49. Even in hot weather do you use a blanket – I have to have the ceiling fan on…I use a sheet year round and a blanket
50. Do you snore – I'm not sure
51. Do you sleepwalk - Um, yes, I sleep Pack...ask my hubby
52. Do you talk in your sleep - yes, a lot
53. Do you sleep with stuffed animals - nope
54. How about with the light on – no, I need complete darkness,
55. Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on – no

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Day Two and Hallowen Candy

So far so good. Granted its only been 2 days but hey, give me a break. I slept in this morning which wasn't so much a good thing, now my feeding schedule is all screwed up. I'm just now finishing up my first snack....a yummy chocolate protein shake.

I made it to the gym for my cardio around noon. Did 30 minutes and then hung around for a few minutes making fun of Dave and Mike (my hubby).

I'm off to the local Walmart to buy the required 50lbs of candy that the little brats will consume next Monday night. It's so not fair. I have to go spend the money on all this damn candy and I can't even have a freaking piece.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Day One, Sort Of

Okay so I'm putting this as day one. I've actually been working out for 1 week now, but today is the first day of my diet from hell. I've committed to trying it for one month. My trainer seems to think that if I follow the diet and exercise program, that I could potentially lose 20lbs in one month. Seems like an awful lot to me to lose in one month, but I'm paying him right??

Here is what I get to eat....everyday.....for one month.....except Sat. when its my free day. Even then, I still can't eat any fast food or drink any soda.

Breakfast: 1 packet of instant oatmeal
Snack: 1 protein shake
Lunch: Green salad, if its green I can put it in their, with 1/1/2 tbsp fat free dressing
Snack: 1 protein shake
Dinner: 6 oz chicken breast, 1 small sweet potato, regular potato or 1/2 cup brown rice and 1/2 cup of green beans or brocolli
Snack: 4 sticks of celery with peanut butter or 4 carrot sticks

Sounds yummy huh?

Here are my stats and current picture.....don't laugh at me.

28 (almost)
cw: 165
Goal: 130
BF%: 26%
Goal: 18%

I'm putting these info on to help me be accountable for what I do or don't do.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Weekend Ramblings

SO the weekend started out good with Friday night putting finishing touches on the Halloween Party. Saturday, I did nothing...I sat on my fat ass (not for much longer), until around 4:30pm. I headed to up my sis in law and on the yearly girls only slumber party. No, there was no naked chicks or lesbian action, except for my 2 friends that are actually lesbians, just a bunch of girls, sitting around, drinking playing cards and the occasional Karakoke song. Here are a few pics for you:

The only Lesbian action of the night

The Girls, Mindy, Nikki, Chris, Amanda, Diana, Karen and Me

Mindy, Me and Amanda


I'm mad at mother nature, I want it to be fall and stay that way. I'm tired of it being 50 one day and 80 the next. I'm tired of wearing my summer stuff and want to drag out the fall clothes. There's another hurricane brewing in the Caribbean, Wilma. One of the staff at the office is convinced that this is the beginning of the end.


Had my first training session with my personal trainer Killer Keith. He is tough but just what I needed to push my butt to do something. We'll see how I feel tomorrow...I might not like him anymore.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Watch out Jessica Simpson....

So my Hubby, myself and a friend decided that it was time to join a gym. We had our initial training session yesterday and discovered that we are not as fit as thought. At first, everything was great, Keith (the trainer) asked me a few questions (that was easy), showed me how the machines worked (a little work but still easy), and then he said 10 mins of dynamic training. This was his quote, " I can show you how to burn 500 calories in 10 minutes." I was looking at him like he was a 3 headed cow. He wanted me, who likes to sit on her ass, watching TV, drinking a nice cold beer,to do something that would burn 500 calories. Oh, I'm in so much trouble.

So it began: Don't laugh at me until you try it, it was hard. He started out with some jumping jacks, running in place, squats. At this point I'm sure my face is as red as the shirt Keith was wearing, sweat is pouring off of me and I feel like my lungs are about to explode. He finally let me stop and get a drink....Back to it, with step ups, wall squats, planks, pushups and then I collapsed. I told him I was had been 5 minutes. I felt like such a loser.

Today, we got up at 6:30am, jumped in the car and headed to the gym. Did 25 mins on the elliptical machine and came home. That was much easier. I think yesterday I was not mentally prepared for the cardio workout Mr. Keith gave me. Let's see what the rest of the week will bring. Right now, my butt and arms hurt so bad. My husband keeps telling me, it will be worse tomorrow....Great, I can't wait.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Halloween Prep 2005

Sign in sheet for 2004 and the drinker spinner game.  Posted by Picasa

Paula and Kenny Posted by Picasa

Chris, Paula, Cathy,painting Heaven.....this idea has been scrapped.  Posted by Picasa

This is where the bar will be.  Posted by Picasa

Nephew Kenny, trying on left over Halloween costumes. Posted by Picasa

Pic of my cats, they have nothing to do with Halloween, just them eating a can of tuna. The orange one is the one that is Red this morning. Posted by Picasa

beginnings of the incinerator, my nephew kenny is demonstrating.  Posted by Picasa

One side of the stone, made last year Posted by Picasa

Another Fall Day....

Ah, the first few days of fall. Crisp clean air, turning leaves and for Paula....A cold. It seems that every year around this time, my body decideds to rebel against me for clothing it in heavy sweaters and jeans and gets sick. Its not a really bad cold, just enough to make you want to stay in bed all day. You know the kind, head feels like someone has it gripped in a vice grip, body aches, the chills. Contrary to ones belief, I really don't like staying home. It's boring and daytime TV is just as boring.

So, in a previous blog, I mentioned that the Halloween decorating has begun this year. Part of this year included spraying large quantities of red paint through a sprayer onto the black plastic to resemble flames. Well, this stuff will coat anything within the basement. This morning, I came downstairs to assume the "sick position" on the couch to discover that my cat is orange. Apparently she has decided to roll around in the orange dust.....Yeah for me. Not only am I feeling like crap, I know have to try and catch the little bitch and attempt to clean off orange paint. (I will post pics shortly.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Things You Should Know About Me....Or Not

Borrowed this from another fellow blogger

1) my uncle: depends on which one, I have a very large family, most of them are criminally insane.

2) never in my life: Have I sky dived, not that I would ever want to. I don't understand the concept of voluntarily jumping out of an airplane.

3) when I was five: I really don't remember, I was probably in pre-school, possible beating on the boys. I was very much a tom boy and liked to beat the crap out of the little boys that would pull my hair.

4) high school was: unfortunately a blow off for me. I wish now that I would have taken it more seriously. I was busy.....

5) I will never forget: exactly how much beer I have left in the house. No, seriously, that despite all my bitching, I actually have a pretty good life.

6) I once met: Pauly Shore...He's a complete asshole.

7) there's this guy/girl I know who: who once squirted an entire bottle of honey into his mouth on a dare. It wasn't pretty after.

8) once, at a bar: a friend and me pretending to be strippers at Roxys. This guy kept hitting on us, so we asked him if he wanted to go with us to work. He said that he had to go to the ATM and that we should meet him at the gas station. DUH, of course we left and went home. He apparently made his way back to the bar to find us, Dumb Shit....

9) by noon I'm usually: on my way to the office, unless its Friday and then I'm probably running around doing errands.

10) last night: I had some awesome Italian food, went to my brothers and hashed out Halloween Party ideas.

11) if I only had the ability: to grow money on trees.

12) next time I go to church, I'll: actually try to stay awake during the entire thing. Usually, I start drawing pictures on the childrens handout.

13) terry schiavo's story: made me angry. I don't want to get started on that again.

14) what worries me most: What doesn't worry me. I'm probably the most worried person I've ever met.

15) when I turn my head left, I see my husbands latest creation, a homemade poker table lying on top of my dining room table. My cat is on top of it licking himself.

16) when I turn my head right, I see: A bag of trash from cleaning off my desk and a bookshelf full of dusty books.

17) you know I'm lying when: I say: I'm not giving away my secret.

18) you know what I miss most about the eighties: big hair....It was kinda fun to see if you could get yours higher than the girl in front of you in class.

19) if I was a character written by Shakespeare: Probably Juliet...She was a princess, was probably loaded, had people dress her...I just wouldn't have killed myself for some stupid boy.

20) by this time next year: I'm hoping to have a new car, paint my living room and be more financially stable.

21) a better name for me would be: first name: "Loud" last name: "Mouth"....Enough said.

22) I have a hard time understanding: people that pick their nose in their car right next to you in traffic.

23) if I ever go back to school I'll: finish my degree in business.

24) you know I like you if: you will never truly know.

25) if I won an award: I would talk about it until everyone gets really mad at me....Just for the hell of it.

26) Darwin, Mozart, slim pickens & Geraldine ferraro: Giant Turtles, Freak, my wallet, who the hell is that?

27) take my advice, never: try to bake on wax paper. Waxy cookies don't taste very good.

28) my ideal breakfast is: Biscuits and Gravy, Scrambled Eggs with Salsa and bacon. Can I get mine without fat please?

29) a song I love, but do not have is:

30) if you visit my hometown, I suggest: you visit the Arch...You just have to, at least once. Go the OZ at 3am and laugh at all the freaks high on ecstasy. It's really funny.

31) tulips, character flaws, microchips & track stars: that's one hell of a wedding.

32) why doesn't everyone: give me a dollar. Everyone.

33) if you spend the night at my house: Beware of the banging cat

34) I'd stop my wedding for: millions of dollars falling from the sky. If any of the guests catch them they must offer them to me.

35) the world could do without: those annoying drivers that talk on the phone, apply makeup and drink their coffee all at the same time. I actually, saw a women doing this one day. She had the phone tucked between her head and shoulder, was holding a mascara wand and had a cup of coffee in the other. What was she driving with?

36) I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: lick the belly of a overweight sweaty truck driver.

37) my favorite blonde is: Jessica Simpson, she cracks me up.

38) paper clips are more useful than: Michael Jackson

39) if I do anything well, it's: the ability to talk louder than anyone else in the room so that I make sure that I'm being heard. People really hate this.

Funny Caption Friday

"Mike, tell me again why we needed to mummyfy me to make this thing work????? Posted by Picasa

So while sorting out pics I found this one of my husband and a friend......insert the caption (by the way my husband is the one wrapped up in cheesecloth!!!!!

Party Hat Posted by Picasa

The 6th Annual Halloween Party is in full production. We are getting a late start this year due to vacations and such but tonight is the first attempt at putting together something to top last year. I think we have settled on a theme of Heaven and Hell. I'll post pics as we progress.

Last night in Bills Garage, as the boys were discussing how they were going to build an incinerator, I started to think about some of the crazy things we have done. I decided that my friends and I are drunken fools. Check out this website,

We are very good at keeping ourselves occupied while drinking obnoxious amounts of beer. The party hat in the pic above is my, now retired party hat, official drinking hat. It had to be retired in Mexico after a long week of drinking on the beach. Between the sand, salt and alcohol, my husband and I laid it to rest in the cemetary of the trashcan. We said a short prayer while downing shots of tequila......RIP

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Half Nekkid Thursday

Playa De Carmen Posted by Picasa

Okay, according to Daves Window, this is Half Nekkid Thursday, so here is my contribution. This is from last week in my hotel room in Playa Del Carmen.

What a trip!! We left on a hot Sat morning with 8 of our friends and spent one week, soaking up the sun and drinking lots of beer and dirty monkeys!! It was one of the best vacations I've ever been on. It was good to be home and in my own bed, hell who am I kidding, I didn't do much sleeping on vacation. I was ready to come home for some good barbeque, chicken wings, Bud Light and Rams Football.