Friday, March 18, 2005

my new vacuum

I never knew vacuuming could be so much fun!! Got a new Dyson vacuum and this thing rocks. I highly recommend it. I'm not the worlds best housekeeper but its not filthy. I brought this thing home and after snapping a few pieces in place, I was off and running. It sucked up so much cat hair and dust it was gross.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Friday, March 11, 2005

Introducing Sigma!!!

This is my crazy cat!! The one I am going to vacuum......

Spring Clean!!

I hate this time of year. The house has been closed up all winter and now with Spring coming, its time to clean. Whoever came up with the concept? Do people actually wait until Spring to clean their houses? I am washing curtains today, which is a pain in the arse only because after they are cleaned I have to iron them, they are made out of linen or something that wrinkles.

On the topic of cleaning, my vacuum crapped out on me the other day. It was cheap and is about 5 years old, time for a new one. I have been checking out the web looking for the best one, so far I have heard nothing but rave reviews on the Dyson Animal vacuum. It is supposed to suck everything up out of the carpets. They say it comes with a pet attachement tool....hmmmm, I wonder if I could vacuum the cats with it? They won't let me brush them, maybe I could vacuum them......

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Swing of things

I'm am finally back to work. After 2 months of becoming a vegetable and being held hostage in my home by some unknown viral infection, I am back in the world. After 1 week I am starting to think that I should of stayed home. Things are crazy in the office!!! There is so much to do, get caught up on, that it's going to take me until June to finish all of it.

It's nice to know that our patients missed me. I have had so many people tell me that they are so glad that I'm back. I think that they missed someone knowing what they were doing. (sorry Mike :)) Life is slowly getting back to normal, whatever that is. In a previous post, I think I mentioned that I had lost 20lbs while being sick. I have spend 3 years and lord knows how much money trying to lose that 20lbs and all alone all I had to do was go and get a severe case of food poisoning. Not that I would recommend this to anyone, but if you have tried everything else and had no results, go eat a piece of undercooked chicken and see what that does for you.