Monday, January 22, 2007

God help us Ella has learned to roll!! Last Thursday she started rolling onto her stomach anytime she was placed on her back. Over the weekend she practiced that alot at Aunt Jennifers house. Today, she is rolling. Like a steamroller!!! Look out folks. Put away your breakables....Ella is on the move.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

In response to Daves Blog comment on what he will teach my child on Feb. 3....let me tell you what will really go on that day.

3pm Dave and Emily are so excited to watch Ella
3:30pm Ella poops, Dave and Emily have first major fight over who will change diaper.
3:35 Emily wins and Dave has to change the diaper....
3:36 Dave discovers the Ella has Exploded out of the diaper and has pooped on her neck
3:37-4:00pm Dave, with the help of Emily, changes Ellas entire outfit, bathes her and throws dirty outfit in Kitchen trash.
4:15pm Dave discovers that Kitchen now smells like a toxic waste dump and takes out trash.
4:30 Daves neighbors call and complain that there is horrible smell coming out of the garage.
4:35 Dave takes trash to local dump....
5:00pm Dave and Emily feed Ella
5:15pm Ella spits pureed Green Beans all over Dave, spits up on Emily and farts.
5:30 Dave takes Shower, Emily sponges off.....
5:35 Emily changes diaper
5:37 Diaper on backwards, try again
5:40 attempt again to feed Ella,
6:00 play with Ella
7:00pm Give Ella a bath
7:30 Decide that bath time was not a good idea and Dave sends Emily to Walmart to buy sponge mop.
8:00 Emily returns to mop up the 8 inches of water on the floor in the bathroom
8:30 attempt to feed Ella, again.
9:00pm try to rock Ella to sleep
9:30 Cops show up to ask Dave and Emily if there is a problem with the child.
9:35 Cop attempts to rock Ella to sleep
9:40 Elderly women next door knocks on door to ask if there is a problem as she is being kept awake by screaming child.
9:45 Elderly women attempts to rock Ella to sleep
9:50pm Cop and Elderly women sing duet to try and coax Ella to sleep
9:55 Another Cop shows up and asks if there is a party going on
9:56 Other Cop joins in on the duet (now a trio)
10:00pm Mike and Paula arrive and take the now poor, traumatized child
10:01 Ella is sleeping soundly in Paulas arm,
10:05 Mike and Paula wonder what Dave and Emily did all night.
10:30 Dave and Emily decide that they will never watch the baby again...Have several Shreks.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I've found the something that babies fear other than the nurse with the needles at the doctors office.......The Snot Sucker. Ella can see that thing coming for her face and she starts screaming before we are anywhere near her little nose. I can't wait for the day I can just grab a tissue and say "blow".

For all of you that have requested a new pic:

Getting ready to head out in the cold. Her hat is still a little big....

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Following picture is not for children to see
Mike and I saw this on the Discovery Health Channel.....Can you believe that someone is actually this big? How in the world do you cart those bad boys around?

Friday, January 12, 2007

For those of you in the Missouri area you know about the recent disappearance of a little boy in Franklin County. The news stations are now reporting that he has been found alive and has been returned to his family. Just as equally exciting is the fact that he was found with another little boy that disappeared 4 years ago, Shawn Hornbeck.

I'm so glad that they found both of these boys alive and well. I have been praying that they would be safely returned. Mike and I had a conversation last night about this and I can't even imagine what there families were going through.

I don't understand how a person can do this. What right do they have to take another persons child? I would want that persons head on a platter if anything ever happened to my daughter. What goes through a persons mind when they are contemplating doing something like this?

God has done a wonderful by bringing these boys home. Everyone hug your child a little bit tighter tonight, tell them you love them and be thankful that they are safe!

Randomness....Is that even a word?

Picture of Ella in her first shopping cart rideKenny helping with my new patio a few years ago
Just a few random pictures I found on my camera I thought I would share.

The weather here in St. Louis is getting ready to turn nasty. It was almost 60 here this morning and I just checked the weather and it is down to 35!! Raining here with it changing to sleet and ice sometime tonight. It is supposed to continue on through the weekend so we could be looking at significant ice accumulations once again.

Ella is getting so big! I look at her everyday and am just amazed at what she is doing. This week she is really getting good at sitting up all by herself. Every once in a while she will lunge for a toy and over she goes. We have also introduced the sippy cup this week, just getting her used to it. So far I think she likes it, more to play with it than anything!!

Life has been pretty routine here in the Williams house. Just trying to get her and I into some sort of routine. The only thing that is for certain right now is bedtime at 8pm. Other than that, its a day by day thing. Depending on her mood....typical girl!!

Have I said that I hate WalMart? I hate that all the carts have messed up wheels. I hate that the baby seats look so nasty. I hate that there are never more than 3 cashiers working even though there are 500 people in line buying salt and snow shovels. I hate that the self- checkouts are never open!