Sunday, April 29, 2007

I've been wanting to change my hair but haven't gotten up the nerve to do it, until now!! Yesterday I went to a new salon and told them to do something, I didn't care what as long as they didn't shave my head and dye it green. Instead this is what I left with:

New Cute and Color....

Old me..

What do you think? Wise choice? or bad mistake?

Friday, April 27, 2007

I know, I's been awhile. I've been so busy though and with Miss Ella napping, I have a little bit of time.

She is crawling, EVERYWHERE!! She's discovered that she doesn't like the hard floors, so she does this one legged, scoot, crawl thing. Pretty funny to watch! She loves to chase Sigma around the house and get into whatever she can.

She has gotten a 2nd tooth! We've been attempted to switch her over to all finger foods at this point, but she still likes that mushy stuff from time to time. She has started to pull up as well and cruise along the couch. Today she discovered the stairs. I guess that gate we bought a few weeks ago is going to be taken out of the box soon.

We have officially made the switch of rooms. Ella is now in the room that used to be Greg's and Greg is now in the other. After a week of painting and more painting, we are finally done. We still have to hang up all the pictures and shelves but that can wait until a later date.


I have a job now! For a couple of months I've been looking into something part time. For sanity's sake I needed to do something, for me and get some adult time. So, I'm now selling purses and accessories. That should keep me busy as I have to do 8 parties a month. That's all they require and they provide me all my inventory, business cards, CC machine, ect. I got all my stuff yesterday, 8 very large boxes full of stuff. It was exciting going through all of it.

I think that's it for now...

Happy Birthday Dave!!

I've lost 58lbs since having Ella 9 months ago

I'm now wearing a medium (been a very long time)

don't know why I'm rambling.....

Friday, April 20, 2007

So anyone know how to figure how many activity points (weight watchers) pedometer steps are? I've started wearing one to see if I can make it to 10000 steps a day (5 miles)...I made it to 7334 yesterday! Not too bad.

Mike and I are going to be painting tonight and tomorrow if anyone cares to stop by and join in the fun. Hopefully we can get it done in a week or so.....our painting projects always seem to last forever. Ellas' room is techinally still not done.....and that has been almost a year!!

Ella's new thing is the piano, whenever we get to my Moms, she makes a beeline for the piano and crys until you set her up there. Too Cute!!

Check out her website for more pics, I've been uploading all morning so there are new ones in last months and all new ones in this month.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Lord Help Us!! Ella has been busy this week accomplishing things that I'm not ready for. She is now crawling like a champ, her favorite things to go after, shoes, the cat and electrical cords!!

Since she has learned to crawl, she has also learned to sit up by herself. Not such a bad thing, except she hates to lie down now. Including, trying to change her diaper, changing her clothes, sucking the snot out of her nose....makes for a long process that used to only take a couple of seconds.

Another big moment this week, she is pulling up. She gets on her knees and gets stuck, hasn't quite figured out how to actually stand up yet. I'm sure that will be happening any day now. Her new big thing is pulling up in her bed and slobbering all over the rails.....

That will be changing as the first tooth is trying to rear its ugly head! Teething sucks!! She is crabby, doesn't nap and is very snotty, which by the way you would think I was wiping her nose with sandpaper the way she screams when I come at her with a tissue. You can see the little white tooth trying to poke through, it won't be long and I will be installing those little plastic guards on the crib to keep her from chewing her way out!!

On a different note, I'm taking on a new business. Yes it involves home parties, but no it's not a typical, please sign up under me kind of thing!! I've been researching companies for quite some time because, well, I need a life. A part-time job doesn't work because of Mike's schedule and I don't want to work all weekend and every night. I finally found one that doesn't require presentations, doesn't require me to buy a bunch of inventory (they supply it all) (including shipping) and I can do it whenever I want. I will be working for . I will travel to Omaha, hopefully in May for training and then I'll be ready to go.

This company provides me with all the inventory, invites, business cards, cc machine, ect and all I have to do is have 8 parties a month. I don't see this being a big deal. I've got lots of friends and an even bigger family. I'm really hoping this is what I've been looking for.

Oh yeah, I'm going to Mexico in 64 days!!!! :)~~~~~~

Monday, April 09, 2007

Not much going on here. Trying to keep the newly crawling Ella out of EVERYTHING!! She is teething, not fun at all. The schedule we had in place, gone. Doesn't nap, doesn't eat....just a snotty, crabby mess!! Here are a couple of pics from Easter yesterday. Hope everyone had a great day!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Things have busy around, sorry for the lack of blog posts. My sister was in town last week and that is always a busy time. Shopping, shopping and usually more shopping. Ella now has a complete wardrobe for the summer. Still need a swimsuit but I think we are done.

The little princess has started crawling. Last Saturday she was just kinda rocking back and forth and all of a sudden....she was off and into everything. It's been fun though, chasing after her, pulling her away from the DVD player, Mikes guitars, the cat, my magazines, if it's on the floor, it's fair game.

The cold snap here in the Midwest sucks!! Last week I had the air on and was wearing shorts.....this week, the heat is back on and I'm wearing my shoes again. I hate wearing shoes, I like my flip-flops.

Here are a couple of new pics of the princess, enjoy:

Ella's new sleeping position

Cute little Easter BunnyEaster DressEating a popsicle with Uncle BillAunt Emily helping out with the popsicle thing