Friday, September 29, 2006

So the princess had her 2 month check up yesterday and she is doing great!! She is now 11lb 5oz and 22 inches long. She got 4 shots, 2 in each leg and she was not happy about it. I do think Grandma Karen cried more than Ella did. All in all she did great though and we bought here a new toy for being such a good girl.

So the doctor says we need to be doing at least one hour of tummy time a day. Is he serious? She hates tummy time. The child lays there screaming and crying most of the time. Do I let her lay there and scream? It is suppose to help strengthen their heads. I think I would rather her have a floppy head than listen to her scream like a banshee. If any of you mommys have any helpful hints on making tummy time more enjoyable, I'm all ears!!

Ella slept in her bed all night last night. She has been sleeping in the car seat all night long but we haven't made it in the crib until last night. YEAH!! I don't know if that is from the shots yesterday or what but we were happy.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Look what me and my mom did yesterday! For those that have been to my garage, you understand why this is so exciting!!



Just a cute picture of Sigma keeping Ella warm on Daddys lap!!

Can you all beleive it? I have a car parked in my garage!!! We still have some work to do but I am so proud of the progress we made. It took us about 3 hours but it's done!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

So this morning I was doing the clothes swap, summer for winter, and decieded to torment myself by trying on a pair of old jeans.....the fit!!!! Glorious day in my house!! My mistake was trying on everything and realizing that things have shifted and nothing fits right. So Ella and I are off to shop.

Here are some new pics of the princess:

Friday, September 22, 2006

We sleep!!!!

Mommy is so happy!! After a nine hour drive, (yes people I drove nine hours with a 2 month old), we arrived at Aunt Jennifers. I was so tired, a combination of new mom syndrome and driving 9 hours, all I wanted to do was sleep. Miss Ella had different plans. After being in a car seat SLEEPING for 9 hours, she was not about to be conned into anymore sleeping. So finally at 11:30pm, Aunt Jennifer told me to put her in her car seat to sleep. It worked like a charm; in she went and out she DIDN'T come until 7:30am!!

Ella slept through the night, for the first time for 8 hours, in her car seat!! I told Jen this morning that I'm either moving here or Ella is now sleeping in her car seat everynight!!

Here is the photo that I sent Daddy in Texas of little princess sleeping soundly in the car seat.

I feel like a new woman getting 8 hours of sleep solid for the first time in almost a year. No middle of the night feedings, trips to the bathrooms or uncomfortableness. I think I'll go run a marathon this morning....okay maybe not.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

This morning I've almost got Ella to sleep when the doorbell rings. I peeked around the corner and saw that it was a young girl. She was holding some sort of catalog and with school just starting, didn't want to get up to have her try and sell me magazines or candy. I ignored the doorbell and continued rocking. A few minutes ( yes people minutes, I had assumed she had already left), the door bell rings AGAIN! I get up and it is the same girl. I answered, she started to tell me about her magazines and I told her no thank you, I've already bought some. (not true but hey, she left).

Point to this: If someone doesn't answer the door, you don't stand there for 5 minutes and then try again. If they don't answer the first time, they probably don't want to talk to you. Your magazines are not as important as getting my tired baby to sleep. I should have handed her the baby and told her, now that you woke her up its your turn.

I just realized that I've become the "parent". The one I used to laugh at for putting signs on the door that said, "Don't ring the doorbell, baby sleeping."

Friday, September 08, 2006

I bought this swimsuit way back in the Spring. She is never going to wear it outside of the house so I thought I'd get some pictures before I sell it on Ebay. Is she not the cutest little watermelon you have ever seen?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

I hate bumper stickers! You can usually tell what type of person is driving the car by the bumper stickers attached to their car.

For example:

My kid is an honor student at _(name of school)___: Mini-Van Soccer mom (no offense Jen)

If your bumper sticker is the Rebel Flag: Redneck, Budweiser drinking Good Ole Boy

Eat More Grits (Girls Raised In The South): Seriously........I'm not even going there.....Why would you even think that this is a good thing to display to everyone that is behind you?

Put on your big girl panties and deal with it: Women that thinks she is a Bad A@@

I Love Explosives, International Terrorist hunting permit, ect: You just scare me, Note to self, Don't make you mad!

I'm trying to get out of only posting about Baby stuff. Unfortunately at the moment, that is really all my life consists of. If you would an update on Days of our Lives, Oprah or any other daytime television show, let me know and I'll try to help!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

What is a night without sleep?

This is not what happened last night!!!

Little miss Ella didn't want to sleep last night. It was a long night, I think at one point I woke Mike up and told him I quit, being the mom. It only lasted about 5 minutes!!

We finally got some sleep 6-9:30am. Now we are here, typing this, Ella is trying to help. Time to feed her and hopefully get a little nap.

You don't realize how much you love to sleep, until you don't get it.

by the way there are new pics on the website under Aug.