Monday, April 21, 2008

Pregnancy and leg cramps...forgot about how bad these were until I was awaken at 5:15am with one in my right calf.....It felt like someone was trying to tear my leg off. If you've ever had one of these you know what I mean, if you haven't, consider yourself lucky!! Pregnancy leg cramps suck...they don't go away very easily and seem to last all day. I was still limping around this morning with I got up and it is STILL tender at 1:30pm.

Ella has gone 3 times now in her potty!! Yeah!! She is getting really good about telling us that she needs a new diaper, most of the time she has already wet/pooped herself but she is telling us!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So this morning Ella once again woke up dry. We attempted to put her on the potty but she was having nothing to do with it today. No big deal, put her in the shower and she proceeds to pee....get her out of the shower, put on new Feel n learn pull up. I was getting ready to take her to the potty, when she starts whining and trying to pull her pants/diaper off....checked it and yup, too late. So, I guess 20 minutes after downing a cup of milk is too long, need to check after 15 minutes. I think if I can just get her to pee on the potty, then we will be getting somewhere.

Do any of you remember that movie, Look who's talking, part II? All I keep seeing is John Travolta and Kristi Alley with the potty seat on their heads dancing and singing around their apartment singing, Pee, Pee on the potty, Pee,Pee on the potty to the tune of a congo line. Cracks me up!!

Mike and GraysonPaula and Grayson
Fell asleep with Mommy...wasn't feeling good this day!

This is how Daddy found her...she was really quite for about 10 minutes so he went looking for her...she had fallen asleep in the chair. How cute!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ella is almost 21 months old and she is showing us signs that she is ready for potty training. I can't beleive that she is old enough for that yet.

She has been bringing us diapers when she is poopy and trying to pull her diaper off when it's wet. She woke up this morning dry....couldn't beleive that she went all night with a dry diaper!!So, we went and bought her a potty seat, training pants, these new feel n learn pull we go.

I've started doing the purse/bag thing

It's different from Diva girl, in that these bags are ordered and most of them can be monogrammed. They also offer other products.....check out the catalog and if you see something let me know. You can also host your own party online, no matter where you live!!

We are slowly narrowing down the name list, I think we are down to these two:
Delanie (lanie) and Anna....leaning more towards Lanie right now.
And, I still love, love the name Claire but I can't seem to get Mike to warm up to it...I'm still working on him!!

Today is tax day and of course we waited until the very last possible minute to file...of course as in the past, we filed an extension but I still had to do the paperwork and do the whole post office thing. I swear one of these days I will get this done a month ahead. That's my goal!