Saturday, July 28, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Ella Beans!!!

One year ago


Here are some other pics from her first Birthday cake last night....Tomorrow is the big party so there will be more cake and present pictures later. Enjoy!!

First bite of cake....I think she likes it!!

Ella's birthday present from Mom and Dad....cruising the neighborhood with Daddy

Already a purse girl, dragging around "Aunt" Emily's purse

Monday, July 23, 2007

It's coming people, in 4 days, Ella is turning one! One! Where in the world has this last year gone? I have so much to do this week in preparation for her party on Sunday. I'm stressing out way too much about it. I know, I know, nobody will even notice all the little things I'm doing. But, I feel like it is absolutely necessary to tie all the silverware with pretty matching ribbons.

Mike and I went camping last weekend. It was fun, except for the fact that I got sick on Saturday and spent the whole float drinking water and trying to keep myself from hurling. We also were unprepared for the cold weather. When was the last time that is was 50 degrees, in St. Louis, in July? Crazy!! We are now thinking about taking Ella camping in August.....most people think we are crazy but hey, if things get too crazy, the nearest hotel is only like 25 minutes away!!

So other then that, I've just been busy keeping Ella out of everything. Her new favorite game is to pull everything she can out of where it belongs. I'm consistently following behind her picking up DVDs, CDs, Paper, trash, purses, books, guitars, or whatever else is on the floor or within her reach.

Monday, July 09, 2007

I know it's been almost two months.....I'm posting now and that's what counts right?

Things have been crazy busy around here. We were in Mexico the last week of June, so all of June I was busy packing, shopping, getting all my purse parties in and more shopping. Then the 4th of July, you get the picture.

Ella is almost a year old!! Can you believe it? I can't believe a year ago she was small enough to fit in my belly and now, well, all I can say is that the girl likes to eat!! She is starting to walk and is into everything. Keeps mommy busy during the day!!

So today at the post office, this older gentleman asks me if she is walking yet. I say no but she's trying to. He says, "oh don't worry honey, she will one day. " Really??? I thought she would just start flying one day. For those that know that's your sign!!!

The other day, Mike and I bought a tent and set it up in the backyard. Ella was trying to help and was having a blast helping us and playing in that thing. We ended up having to take it back after a pole broke and the bag ripped. I guess you get what you pay the search is back on for the "perfect" tent.