Thursday, January 31, 2008

It has started snowing. They say that by this time tomorrow we could up to 10 inches of snow. That is a lot for St. Louis....I'm sure everyone was out this morning stocking up on the bread and milk. Because we don't have snowplows and won't be able to get out for days. I do admit that I did go the store and get milk yesterday. I wasn't going to run out of milk for Ella and have to drag her out in the snow.

Aunt Jen sent us some beautiful dresses for Miss Ella, isn't she just the cutest? She is getting so big and saying so much. Although she is talking a lot, I think she is still so frusterated about not being able to tell us excatly what she needs.

We had her 18 month checkup and she was 25lbs and 33 inches long. Dr. said she is doing great. I'm a little concerend about how she will act when the new baby gets here. I'm hoping that she will be young enough that it won't faze her too much.

Speaking of new babies, I've been doing great. Still haven't heard the heartbeat but hopefully next week at our Dr. appt we will. That always makes me feel better. I'm 14 weeks and already busting out of my jeans. I'm in the maternity clothes already.....

Just so you all know, the Christmas wreath is STILL hanging over my fireplace. Any bets on how long it will take my procrastinating husband to take it down?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I'm glad the holidays are over. It was fun but I'm done. Everything Christmas has been put away, minus the giant wreath over my fireplace, which I will have to ask and resort to nagging to get my husband to take it down!

Ella had a great Christmas! She got lots of presents and has been having a ball playing with her new kitchen. We moved Ella into her big girl bed yesterday! It was a little bit of a struggle last night, keeping her in bed. But I think she will do okay. I wanted to start now with the transition of moving her into a bigger bed. We will be using her nursery furniture for the new baby and Ella will be getting new stuff.

We had our first major boo-boo this morning. I had put Ella into her room and because she can now get up and explore her room at will, she decided to crawl behind her bed and pull the ceramic Guardian Angel night light that Aunt Jen bought her, down on top of her head...

I've already had a lady at Kohls ask me very suspiciously what happened....I hate that when your child has a bruise, bump or scratch some people automatically think you did it.