Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Get Pregnant, Get a clean house...

I've found the secret to a clean and organized house....get pregnant. Once you get past the 1st trimester of sleeping all the time, the 2nd trimester rolls around and you suddenly have more energy then that annoying little pink bunny. My "nesting" as they call it is in full swing. Let me just tell you what I've done today.

Got up at 8:15am, took a shower, dressed, did my hair

9am - ate breakfast, checked my emails and everyone's blogs....some of you need to update!
9:30am - got a wild hair up my ass and started to clean out my bedroom closet. Attacked it from all angles including using the magic eraser to clean the baseboards and vacuumed all the corners. Washed all the sheets that have been accumulating in the house. I hate folding sheets so I wait until there is nothing left to put on the bed before I do this! Vacuumed the entire house. Threw away all the old magazines and finished cleaning Mikes bathroom.

11:30am - stopped to talk to my sister, ate some lunch, thought of things that had to be done today.

12pm - started cleaning the office.

12:45pm - Mike got home for lunch and laughed at me sitting in the middle of 3 trashbags and lots of paper.

1:30pm - went to Walmart and Target to pick up some stuff

2:30pm - back home and finished cleaning out the desk/office. Threw away 3 trashbags full of crap. Emptied all the trashcans since I was at it.

3:15pm - Finished laundry and started scrubbing the floors in the laundry room. Reorganized the mantel because it was bothering me.

4:00pm - cleaned off coffee table, moved stuff to where it belonged, emptied dishwasher, reloaded and wiped off counters with clorox.

4:20pm - decided that I was finished for the day and am now sitting down, writing this blog.

5:00pm - make dinner, clean up, get Mike out of house to meeting.

6:30pm - vacuum the downstairs and finish up all my little projects for the day.

By the way, this all started because the bug man is coming tommorow for the yearly spray and I decided that the house should be really clean before he gets here, including those corners in the closet.

Some Final Decisions....

We have finally come up with final decisions on the babies room..here is the bedding,
and the crib.

We are going to put up chair rail and paint the top half the tan color, the bottom half the red color and the trim will be white. I'm going to buy an unfinished dresser and paint it the navy color and I found little silver stars for the drawer pulls. The bookshelve will be the same color as the crib and we will use some of the accessories that are on the bedding link. I think it's going to be so cute!

Now I just have to get it done and get Uncle Bill over here to install a light and fan for me.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Profile shot

Little Boy Parts

As you can see from above, Tator is a HE!!! Yes folks we are having a boy! I have a feeling that he is going to be just like his daddy, so watch out people!

Now that we know, it's going to be really hard to keep me out of the stores. Yesterday while out shopping for myself, I ended up with 2 Rams onsies that they had on clearence. They were $5.00 for both. My boy will be a Rams fan, just like his parents. We are going to start working on his room tommorow, sanding the walls and getting ready to paint.

So far I think we really like the name, Alex James Williams. What does everyone think? We've also picked out some bedding
Do you like it? I love the colors and its not too cartoony!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

"Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails or Suger and spice and everything nice"

Most of you know that I'm probably one of the worlds most impatient people. When the doctor told me that I would have to wait until March 16 to find out the sex of Tator, I almost flipped my lid. I kept telling Mike, "I want to know now!". How am I supposed to start shopping, register unless I know if it was a he or a she.

Tuesday night we went and did a little shopping, checking out strollers, cribs ect. If you have ever done this before you know that alot of the stuff is gender related. We couldn't even pick out a flipping car seat because we didn't know what Tator was. We decided right there in the middle of Baby Depot that we would call the next morning and make an appointment for the 3D ultrasound place, Ultrasona. We grabbed my Mom Wed morning and we were off for our Noon appointment.

It was so exciting to see little Tator moving around stretching it's little legs. Tator slept most of the time so we had a hard time getting the "Private" area. We managed to get one pretty good shot of the area...........

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tator, Weather and Nesting

So yesterday was our monthly doctor visit and everything is going great. We have scheduled the Ultrasound for March 16 to do the anatomy US and hopefully find out what "Tator" is. It will be nice to have an official he/she, name for the little one.

So I have to mention the crazy weather around here...it was 71 degrees at 2pm when I went to work at 5pm when I left it was 31. It is now around 20 something!! I'm so ready for spring and my flip-flops.

Things have been relatively quiet around here. Mike and I are settling in for the next couple of months of American Idol and Survivor. I've been busy getting the house "ready" for the baby. The nesting thing has kicked into full gear. I've got a list a mile long and its growing by the day. Paint rooms, clean out closets, clean the laundry room, get my scrapbooking caught up, organize my dining room hutch....I could go on but I don't want to bore everyone, now do I? With a baby one the way, I've suddenly got this wild hair up my butt, that all this stuff must be done before the baby gets here. As if I won't have the time once he/she arrives!! (say that in a sarcastic tone please)

Not that anyone cares, but here is the week 16 belly pic. I am taking it every two weeks and eventually will post a progressive pic. But for now, here you go...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Belly Pic....

Here is my HNT pic....me at 14 weeks.