Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm sure most people in the Midwest are blogging about the onslaught of Ice and Snow that we are to receive tomorrow. Here's the deal: It's my birthday tomorrow (30th) and I really want it to snow but not so much that I can't go out with Dave, Violet and my Hubby for dinner and drinks.

This is for Dave, I still expect your ass to be in my driveway with your Hummer around 7pm.

Edited: Just to clear up the confusion, when I say (30th) I mean the day, November 30th. Yes Jen, I'm only 29.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Mike, Paula and Ella

Friday, November 17, 2006

So Ella is becoming a beast!! She is not napping, wants ME to entertain her at all times and just crys for the hell of it. I miss sleeping through the night, she was doing so good too!! I guess I shouldn't complain too loudly...she is sleeping right now, Daddy gets up alot of nights with her and she is pretty good at talking to herself....

We started feeding her cereal a few days ago and things are going wonderfully. Here is the pic of that infamous first bite:

Friday, November 10, 2006

As of today I have lost 41lbs since giving birth almost 4 months ago, only 10 more to go.

Of more interest....Ella rolled over yesterday, tummy to back! I was such a proud mommy, my daughter is so smart!! So now she can stare and talk at ceiling fans and roll over. I don't think she realized it as she got that "Oh crap, what did I just do", look on her face.

You know what this means? We are going to start crawling, walking and getting into stuff. I'm not sure that I'm quite ready for that yet. I like my stuff and I'm not ready to have a bare house. I'm not ready to only have the top half of my Christmas tree decorated.

The books say to get down on their level and see what they can reach, get into, ect. So if you happen to stop by and I'm crawling around on the floor, you will know that I haven't completely lost it but I'm preparing for Ella's launch.

I'm going to try and go back to work on Monday and Wednesday. Mike will be here with Ella from 8-1pm those days. We will see how long it lasts. I may need a few of you to call or come by to check on him, to make sure he hasn't pulled all his hair out. My plan is to go to the gym from 8-9 and then head to the office until 12:30pm. I won't have to go in every week but I need to get out of this house.

That's something nobody talked about: the boredom. At this age, Ella still takes several naps during the day and I'm going crazy in this house. I don't get to have any adult interaction except with my husband. I need to get a life!! SO, I'm going to try to work 2 days a week. I've also joined a Moms group here in the area. I'm so ready to get out and meet some other moms with little ones.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

How do people have their baby on a schedule? Apart from getting her into bed every night at 8-830pm there is no such thing as a routine.

I give up!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Little late but blogger sucks!! Happy Halloween!!
Some of you may take this as me whining....Okay so I am a little. I just need to vent, bear with me and deal with it!! Why do I feel like I am doing all this baby stuff alone? Regardless of how many baby-care hours Mike logs, I still feel this way. I get so annoyed at his ability to relax..I feel like saying "didn't you get the memo? WE'RE PARENTS NOW! LOOK ALIVE!"

I know Mike works his ass off helping me. But I still have no problem feeling resentful, because when he does something with the baby it feels like he is doing me a favor. He asks me a question like, "Do you want me to feed her?" and I'm thinking, She's your baby too. Don't ask, just do it.

I'm to the point where I'm trying to figure out how to do it all:

2-3 loads of laundry a day
5-6 feedings a day
5-6 diapers, Pooping ones 1-2
1-2 hours of entertaning a 3 month with the attention span of a spoon.
2-3 hours of rocking
2 hours of cooking and cleaning up messes in the kitchen
???? who know s how many hours trying to decipher what the cry means.

Please don't anyone take this to heart. I'm tired, extremly stressed out and just want a day off. Oh, wait I don't ever get one!!

I love my husband dearly and I know he takes care of Ella whenever I ask. I'm just pissy today.....

I love you honey!!!