Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm a horibble blogger, I've learned to accept it...so should all of you!!

Things have been busy around here. I've deciede to quit Diva Girl. I really love the company but I just can't keep up with the 8 parties a month that they require me to do. But, I am looking into a new business that is similar to Diva Girl but I don't have the montly party requirement....

Ella has been busy...well, being busy!! She is everywhere, into everything and loves to play with anything that isn't really a toy. Mike and I have talked that for Christmas, she will be getting her own remote, cell phone, box of wire, ect. to play with.

We bought her Halloween costume...isn't she just cute as a bug!!

Ella loves my purses. Her she is carrying one around the house. She gets it around her neck and carries it that way...I guess she is on her way out!

Mike and I (with Daves help) are in the process of putting in new kitchen/bathroom floors. I will post the before and after shots when it is finished.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

For you Jen...Let Landon know that Mike is

a Super Hero Too!!!!