Friday, September 16, 2005

The Morphing of the American Woman

So recently I've been shopping for my upcoming Mexico trip and have discovered something that I'm call the Morphing of the American woman. Why is it that the fashion industry can't come up with a universal size? A size 10 should be a size 10 no matter where you go. It is to the point that I have to keep a chart of store names and the size that I wear there because depending on the store, I wear a different size. I'm everything from a 6 to a 14, that's depressing.

I swear the clothes are shrinking (no I'm not getting fatter, if anything I've actually lost a little)!!! I'm not kidding, I had shirts that were mediums (junior size), that my 11 year old niece is now wearing. I was wearing these in 10th grade, she's in 6th. Maybe that's why all these little hoochie girls are running around with their belly's and their underwear showing. They don't have a choice, the clothing manufactures are slowing shrinking the clothes. Have you seen the size of some of these t-shirts? They look like they could of fit my Cabbage Patch Dolls.