Wednesday, June 08, 2005

It's raining, It's pouring, agh, there's a leg in my yard!!!

So I'm cruising through CNN checking out the latest news and came upon this article,
Can you imagine? You are going out to sit in your backyard and sip some ice tea and you stumble on something. Thinking its a stick you look down and see a HUMAN LEG??!!
That would be a little strange and a little scary. Body parts are falling from the sky and landing in your yard. What is going on?

So this guy from Africa is hiding in a plane wheel well. How did he survive the freezing temps that he had to of encountered? What was he thinking? Uh, Hello, its an airplane, its flying really high, its cold up there.

Age of the Innocent

Remember being a kid? When you spent your summers playing in the hose, riding your bikes through the woods and eating ice cream cones on the front porch? The picture below is of a friends little girl playing in the neighbors sprinkler. Too many times now days, I see parents freaking out when their kids get a little dirty. Man, back in the days the dirter the better. We rode our bikes through the puddles left by a passing rain storm. You would be covered in mud, ride home, mom would come out, smile and make you change clothes. There was no yelling or getting into trouble.

I say let kids be kids. It won't be very long before they have to worry about bills, work and all the things that parents have to worry about. Have fun, go play in the sprinkler, catch a lighting bug and chill out.

Sprinkler Fun Posted by Hello