Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is it possible that a 2 week old and a 2 year old can already be conspiring against me? I swear they have this secret language and everyday they are talking to each other. Every single day Ella goes down for a nap at 12pm..usually naps until 2pm....Every single day I've tried to get Anna to sleep at the same time, so I can get in a little nap. Every single day Anna refuses to sleep and the minute Ella wakes up at 130-2pm...Anna is out like a light!!!

Is this what Mike and I have to look forward to? The Williams sisters strike again???

Saturday, August 09, 2008

It's been 5 days since Anna arrived and we are surviving. Anna has been a great baby so far, sleeping and eating like a champ. We've only had one rough night so far, knock on wood that it continues. Last night she was only up once and we got about 7 hours of sleep. It was split up of course with a 3am feeding but otherwise it was kinda nice.

Ella is doing okay with Anna. She is starting to show a little jealousy and she likes to "help". Anna is about the size of one of her baby dolls and Ella hasn't figured out that she can't grab her by the head!! I think in time she will be a great big sister but for now, we really have to watch her.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

"Hi, Sister!!"

"Hi, Anna! I'm Ella and I'm your big sister!"

Monday, August 04, 2008

Paula here.....

Thank you to everyone for all the well wishes. We are all doing wonderful! Anna is snoozing and Mike is chilling playing games on his Iphone. I can't wait for everyone to meet her.

We should be home on Wednesday if all goes well. See you all soon!!

Post Spa Photo

Anna, after she got back from the SJW Spa and Bath.

Until later...

Hey Uncle Dave!

"You Know What I'm Thinking..."

Our Newest Addition!

Welcome here, Anna!
Born: August 4, 2008
Time: 1:20 p.m.
Weight: 8 lbs, 10 oz.
Length: 22 inches

Mom and baby are both 100% healthy!

"Okay, this isn't fun anymore!"

Call to the doc... Epidural's only working on ONE GODDAM LEG!!

(Backup is on the way... )

Donations Are Accepted (What the hell..)

In case you are wondering...

We accept Visa, M/C, and Paypal


85% effacement

4 cm

Click here: WAHOO!!

Best Money Spent

$1800 lovely Anesthesiologist dollars in 12 minutes.

$120 per minute and according to the expert (Paula) "the epidural is definately worth every penny of it!"

Translated: $9,000 per hour.

Rate Your Pain

I must hand it to Paula-- she's a trooper. Those "peaks" on the monitor were getting to '90' and she said it just felt like "pressure." Now that the water has broke... those same peaks are a "holy crap."

I can't wait for the "THIS IS YOUR F*CKING FAULT, YOU F*C*ING B*S*A*D!! G** ME TH* **C* O** *F H***!!

The epidural god is on his way...

Taking a Break

... and by that I mean "OF THE SACK!!"

Things should pick up real quick...

(No picture on this one-- use your imagination!)

Okay, by request (my own) here's a picture:

You Guys Are GREAT!

Paula loves that people are following and commenting on the blog. It's helping get her mind off the harsh reality that an 8 pound baby is going to be coming out soon!

Getting personal in here

No more interrogations, please.

It's going to be a long day.

Doc says we're 2 centimeters. Geesh.

(ee-shay ought-thay e-shey uz-way at east-lay ive-fay.)


The picture in the last entry *WAS NOT* actual footage of Paula. It was a Google search for shot. (We've gotten two calls about her arm already!)

"Aunt Jen" called and let us know that Ella was looking for us this morning. It's amazing how we already miss her, the little runt.

Ptosin going in THREE... TWO... ONE... now. (Apparently, more signatures are necessary.)

Another thought: This baby had better NOT come out with a weiner. We're expecting an Anna, not an Edward!!

Paula says these beds aren't made for pregnant people-- they're just plain uncomfortable. "Oh wait.. the manual explains a lumbar inflatable support." Okay, I'm just joking-- we don't read manuals. Ever.


The first stick. Sample 1, Sample 2, Cord Blood donation...


From my standpoint

General observations:
1. Dusty overhead lights.
2. There's the sound of a very large washing machine next door.
3. There's a bazillion useless questions by the nurse. ("Do you have any aches or pains?" Duhh)
("Would you like a visit from our priest?") Uhh, no thanks. God knows I hope we don't need one. ("Pierced nipple, navel, tongue or other parts?") Heh... maybe she should've removed that benwah thing...
4. There's a unique but familiar smell of "hospital cleanser."
5. Haha. I just realized the washing machine sound is the ultrasound monitor. Now it's not quite so annoying. :)

BTW, Dave-- There's a hide-a-bed in here that they've put in since you were here.

Today's the Day-- Anna Is On Her Way!

Monday, August 4, 2008.
5:57 a.m.
We just settled in at the hospital.

"Hi, we're the Williams and we're here to check in-- reservations for two... err, three."

Room 2264 a familiar and comfortable room. Dave & Em had Sparkey (Grayson) in this very room.

Paula hasn't had any meds yet (the doctors aren't at work) and she started having contractions. (Maybe I'll get a discount if we don't need the meds.)

Paula wants to know, "Why do these lovely hospital gowns have a pocket on the front?"

(And 'Posted by Paula' below actually means, 'Posted by Mike')

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Mommy Time Outs.....

Shouldn't we all have them?

It is 430am and why am I not sleeping? I've been awake for an hour having BH off and on, nothing regular just the norm. It seems every night this happens. My mind then starts thinking, Oh yeah something is going to happen and then nothing. I'm tired of waiting. I know soon enough I'll be complaing about not sleeping because the baby is keeping me up but I seriously have no patience. I don't like to wait and I hate surprise.

I think God is testing me...

I'm also craving an Iced Vanilla Latte from Panera