Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yep, still pregnant. My due date is tomorrow and nothing yet. Mike keeps saying it's going to happen tonight or tomorrow...I just don't think she's ever coming out.

My sister is in town and we spent the day walking the mall and spending money. Ate some spicy Mexican food for dinner so I'm hoping something might happen besides having tired feet!!

We will let you know when something happens....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

To my dear husband:

If you ever spill juice into my oven and all over my stove after baking your BBQ and don't clean it up, I'm banning you from ever coming into the kitchen again!! I just spent an hour scrubbing burners and the stove to remove the baked on gunk. I love you and your BBQ is the best but seriously, I will have to hurt you next time you do that!!


Friday, July 25, 2008

Ella and grayson
Mommy looking really tired..
39 weeks
Sigma and Ella...he really just tolerates her.
This baby has dropped so low that my clothes don't fit. Pants won't stay up so I'm consistenly pulling them up and my shirts no longer cover my belly. I'm wearing the XL ones in hopes of covering my dropping belly, but that's not even working anymore. It's really getting annoying. I really need to have this baby soon before I hurt someone. I'm really getting crabby!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Still pregnant and still crabby! I have no patience and no time for stupid people. I'm tired and big......

Ella had her 2 year dr appt yesterday. Everything went great and she doesn't have to go back until 3. Of course, we will be there a bizzillon times in the next year because of the new baby.

I'm off today to buy blinds for the front rooms. Mike will be busy this weekend installing those...if anyone wants to come help!! I've got everything ready for the baby..I think. I've got all the diapers, wipes, itty, bitty baby clothes. Bags are packed, laundry is done, food has been stored in the freezer. My sister and Mom are on standby waiting for the big moment. I'm ready, Mike's ready, I think everyone around me is ready.....


Monday, July 21, 2008

Had the weekly OB visit this morning and everything is good. Still only at 1cm but the baby is really low. I guess come Sunday (the 27th) I'm full term so she did say that if I make it back there Monday, they would schedule my induction for sometime next week. I'm going to push for Tuesday but I guess it really just depends on the hospital availabilty!

It's hot and yucky here. I've been getting all the stuff done around here, laundry, cleaning ect. I've got Mike busy this week hanging new light fixtures in the bathroom and hopefully putting up blinds in the front rooms. Stuff we've been needing to do but keep putting it off.

Send me some labor dust.....

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ella has a habit of getting out of bed at night and falling asleep in various places around her room. Usually it's behind the door so that Mike or I have to squeeze between her and the door to pick her up and put her back into bed. Last night, I was checking on her before heading off to bed and gently opened her door so I wouldn't bash her in the head. She wasn't there...Cool, I thought, she actually stayed in bed and my big pregnant self won't have to bend over to pick her up!

Looked in her bed, No Ella...Looked around the room...No Ella. I finally looked down and spied a toe...yes just a toe peeking out from under her bed! I started laughing and called for Mike to come up and see this. I was laughing so hard, I almost peed my pants! Mike, finally pulled her out from under the bed and put her back into bed.

I'm guessing that she dropped her bink behind the bed and crawled under there to fish it out. She either got too tired and just fell asleep there, or couldn't figure out how to back herself out so she just stayed there. Whatever it was, it was really funny!

This is the 2nd time that we have lost our child under a bed. The first time happened when she was just a baby and we were letting her sleep in her car seat. It was the only place that we could get the girl to sleep through the night. One morning, Mike leaned over and I hear him say, where did Ella go? During the night, she had wiggled out of her car seat and rolled under the bed! She was sleeping under the bed, again!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm totally nesting! When I nest, I tend to redecorate and rearrange things. I wish I would be the cleaning type, I'm sure my husband would be happier.

So far, I've put up new pictures, fixtures and towels in my downstairs bath. I know Dave is sad that the Hydrangeas are gone...,no more reading material. I've gotten rid of my dining room table and made the dining room a playroom for Ella. So, if you come to my house in the near future, plan on either eating outside or on the floor because I only have 2 chairs.

Being pregnant makes your brain shrivel I swear. Today, I loaded Ella into the car, put the bags in and went to put the cart away. Got in the car and drove away. As I'm pulling out of the parking lot of Target, I notice way too much movement in the back, I turn around and guess who is trying to buckle herself into her car seat? I totally forgot to buckle her in! I pulled into the first parking lot and fixed the situation but I couldn't believe that I did that!

It's the weekend of our annual float trip. I'm kinda sad that we are not there...sitting by the fire, telling stories. Although I can't say that I'm totally jealous, I kinda like my air conditioning and clean showers. It's going to get together for us to partake in the annual event. With 2 babies now and trying to find a babysitter for a weekend for the both of them.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It was a long day.....

It started out with Ella and I going to the license bureau to title our new van. Thought I had all the necessary paperwork, waited in line for 20 minutes WITH A 2 YEAR OLD, only to be told that I didn't have all the necessary paperwork. Seems that in the 5 years since I last bought a vehicle, Missouri has changed the way things are done. The title is now given to the buyer, not mailed to the loan company. So, when the lady told me this, I started to argue with her, while wrestling a 2 YEAR OLD! Why would I have the title? I asked her...It's a brand new car, the loan company has the title I say. She keeps telling me, no the dealership should of given it to you.

Now I'm mad and march off to the car. Get Ella settled with Elmo and call Mike. He calls the dealership and calls me back. I know have to drive from Harvester all the way to Wenztville to get the flipping title. The dealership never told us that we had to pick it up....So here I am, mad, pregnant, hormonal and MAD!! Mike had apparently made me sound like a raving lunatic because the finance lady that MET me at the door was very nice and apologetic. By then, I had calmed down and found it kinda funny. I think she was expecting me to come screaming into the building by the look on her face when she saw me.

Anyways, in the end everything worked out. Got all the paperwork, stood in line again for 20 minutes with a 2 YEAR OLD and got the new plates for the van. Some very nice old lady fed Ella candy for 20 minutes...God Bless You!


I was on the hunt for sand buckets for Ella's birthday party...couldn't find them anywhere. I looked at Walmart, Target, Dollar stores, Marshalls and finally Hobby Lobby! I did however discover that Hobby Lobby has their calendar messed up. They apparently think it's fall.....I couldn't find a sand bucket BUT I did find 10 aisles of CHRISTMAS STUFF!! Seriously!! I mean, garland, ornaments, ribbons, crafts you name it, they had it. I was laughing so hard, I almost peed my pants, which is not very hard for me these days. I almost bought Christmas tins to put the goodies in...thought the parents would at least get a good laugh out of that but nixed that idea.

I did finally find them at the last dollar store I stopped at!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Earlier today Ella and I took a ride out to my Sister In Laws house in Warrenton. Beth wanted to see the new Thirty One Catalog and Janet wanted to play with Ella. Ella was her usually self, playing, eating, eating some more. After a few hours, we loaded up in the car and headed home. She seemed pretty content in the car, watching Elmo, checking out the "strucks".

I decided at the last minute to make a stop at Target for some we started to pull into the parking lot I noticed Ella was falling asleep. Wanting to be able to take advantage of that, I turned the car around and headed towards the house. For whatever reason I decided to take the "backway" and as I drove, I hear that unmistakable sound of a person getting ready to hurl. I look in the rearview mirror and see my daughter covered in puke and it just kept on coming! Of course, there is no where to stop and finally I pull into a subdivision (did you know you could totally squeal tires in a minivan?). I wiped her off the best I could with wipes and her beloved "blanket".

The stench was horrendous. Here I am 9 months pregnant, I've already got the "dog nose" thing going on, smelling this. I've got all the windows rolled down, hanging out the window like one of those dogs you see. I start to feel raindrops and start praying that it doesn't down pour. I would of gotten really wet because there was no way I was rolling up those windows.

Got home, stripped Ella in the garage and left the mess for my dear husband to contend with when he got home. Bathed Ella and she zonked out in my lap. She had a few more episodes but I'm hoping that she got whatever it was out of her system. She is now sleeping soundly, hopefully for the remainder of the evening.

First time I've had to deal with "big girl" vomit! Nasty, nasty, nasty. Daddy came home and hosed off the car seat in the front yard. Padding has been washed and everything is starting to smell fresher around here.

Good times!!