Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why is it, that as Women we feel the need to make sure that our houses are superclean if anyone is coming to visit? Is it really a determination of who you are? I've been going a little crazy today trying to clean and keep Ella from dragging stuff all over the house. The playgroup that I belong is doing a cookie exchange tonight and it's here at my house. Everyone knows that I have two small children and that it really is next to impossible to keep my house clean. That's house is "clean". Not that I would eat off my floor but it's respectable.

My house is cluttered. It's amazing to think that I have 2500 square feet of house and I can't seem to find a home for all our stuff! Papers, pens, sunglasses, tape, monopoly pieces, camera cords, paper, toys...stuff!! Where does all this stuff come from? I think a little man comes in at night and multiplies everything.

Stop stressing Paula and enjoy yourself tonight......

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